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The way in which society is becoming increasingly interconnected, both virtually and digitally, will fundamentally change the world of work. Pioneering innovations and new digital technologies are altering the ways of working, communication & collaboration and are giving rise to new business models.

New professions are emerging and existing jobs are adjusting to new technological processes. In this context, it is essential to recognise and systematically nurture talent and career potential.

Selecting the suitable employees is also a key factor for the success of blockchain companies. Efficiency and farsightedness in planning human resource management are decisive for a company’s long-term success. The vision a company is aiming to achieve is based on the selection of the right performers.

Digital business models demand that staff have new skills. from the Crypto Valley is your HR partner in the areas of personnel recruitment, talent recognition and organisational development.

We consider every aspect of candidates in pre-selection sessions and interviews in an efficient and precise way. By doing so, they become valuable high performers in positions and functions at blockchain companies that suit their specific skillsets. The following criteria for success give you an insight into our successful approach.

Criteria for Success

Success guarantee

1-2 years staff guarantee

We feel committed to our clients and support them in all relevant matters. Our support goes far beyond the normal standard of a human resource consultancy. This means that if you are not pleased with the employee or he/she leaves within this period, we will repeat our service free of charge.

Due to our successful way of working, we are able to grant a long-term occupation guarantee that is unique in the industry.

1-year guarantee of success for specialists and managers
2-year success guarantee for CEO functions

Online advertisement & direct search

A conversion rate three times higher than conventional HR recruiters

We provide maximum and successful support to blockchain companies with a mixture of ad-based online and direct searches. With a track record spanning many years, according to Monster Worldwide Switzerland AG we boast a conversion rate that is up to three times higher than conventional firms.

Through this we are able to find and select from the most qualified candidates the industry has to offer.


We are proud to state that we have the highest applicant response rate among national and international search portals. The reason for this excellent response by candidates is that we do not promote our own services in job advertisements using an employer’s advertising budget. Instead, we place the focus entirely on the employer using new and professional methods, thereby generating a high quality and quantity of applications. In this way, we appeal to all top-performers, including those who exclusively apply directly to potential employers.

Testimonial from Monster Worldwide Switzerland AG

Dear Mr Daniel

In addition to a head-hunter, your company boasts the best advertisements on our online ad platform, which is also demonstrated by a conversion rate of 5.4 %. In other words, one in twenty of all visitors to their advertisements have followed up their visit with some kind of action, whether it is sending an application, clicking on an employer’s website etc. Most recruitment agencies (over 6400 in Switzerland) only achieve a level of around 2%, even though they place many more ads.

Moreover, employers constitute the exclusive focus of your ads with their company logos and addresses and not you as a HR consultant promoting yourself for PR reasons. In this way, you enable potential key players to apply directly to their future employers. Your clients benefit from top-quality applications. According to statistics collected by Monster, you are one of the leading Swiss HR consultants in terms of per capita mandates. This testifies to your expertise as a consultant, to your clients, who thus benefit from high-quality candidates, even for positions that are extremely hard to fill, as well as to Monster, who have been proud to have such excellent and long-running customer relationships since 1999.

Olivier Diserens, Managing Director, Monster Switzerland


Dear Mr Daniel

After obtaining a Swiss licence and establishing two Swiss start-up companies, with your help in both finding and assessing suitable candidates I was able to gain exceptionally capable key personnel. In addition, you carried out valuable HR evaluations at our head office in Cologne, Germany, for our sales subsidiary with a total of approx. 50 employees. You have become an indispensable HR partner for us and we look forward to further successful collaboration with you in the future, too.

Raphael Nick, CEO & joint partner, bellicon ag

Dear Mr Daniel

Throughout my life, I have been able to lead or undergo a number of training courses and recruitment interviews. However, what I learnt and experienced during your personnel assessments was extremely interesting and represented the pinnacle of professionalism. In connection with your business philosophy, you are THE key person for every company looking for new staff. I would like to reiterate my gratitude for the fantastic sessions. I will certainly recommend you in future.

Kind regards

Hansjürg König, an entrepreneur for 20 years with the second-largest product line in the Swiss retail sector.

Dear Mr Daniel

In many ways, what makes a difference are the people. Selecting employees is probably one of the most important tasks – if not the most important task – in a company. Thanks to your professional support, your acceptance among the workforce and the way in which you put people at ease with your help, I am able to trust you and “let things take their course” in the assessment of new employees, which takes an enormous burden off my shoulders. Our collaboration with you is a significant factor in the success of CONNEX. I would like to thank you for your valuable contribution.

Andreas Bucher, owner & managing director of Connex AG

Dear Mr Daniel

We will soon have been working together for 6 years in the field of personnel recruitment and selection. Since the beginning of our collaboration, overall staff fluctuation has declined significantly. This is particularly due to the fact that you closely observe the composition of the teams and provide applicants with very detailed information thanks to a comprehensive description of the tasks and company. In comparison with other HR service providers, you do not only look at the references of an applicant, nor do you only rely on psychological testing methods. Instead, in analysing candidates, you draw on your own knowledge of human nature as well as your extensive experience. We can recommend you unreservedly to any company and look forward to a continued successful partnership in the future.

Best regards

Benedikt Zenhäusern, owner & managing director, Cellwar GmbH


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