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The World of Crypto

Blockchain is a catch-all word for a variety of future scenarios. The world of work as well as technology are constantly changing and are bound to be successful in the long run. We are talking about ultramodern technology, exciting challenges and new forms of collaboration.

Blockchain technology will not only revolutionise the financial system from the ground up, but will also affect commerce, transport, industry, services, media and many other sectors. Since it will impact every aspect of life in future, many new jobs will also be created in this segment. That is why the crypto-sector offers future-proof jobs for crypto enthusiasts.

Thanks to the growing publicity that cryptocurrencies have enjoyed, there are more and more innovative experts who are interested in developing themselves and launching their professional careers in crypto-technology. However, IT nerds are not the only ones that are in demand; high performers and team leaders from the areas of administration, sales, marketing and PR, among others, are also highly sought after.

The market for cryptocurrencies is still in its infancy and, for this reason, it is essential for anyone interested in it to have the willingness to learn completely new things and to bring with them a keen interest in blockchain issues.

If you would like to offer your individual, professional and social skills and contribute to the success of a team and a company, we would be delighted to hear from you – discretion is guaranteed.


We are proud to state that we have the highest applicant response rate among national and international search portals. The reason for this excellent response by candidates is that we do not promote our own services in job advertisements using an employer’s advertising budget. Instead, we place the focus entirely on the employer using new and professional methods, thereby generating a high quality and quantity of applications. In this way, we appeal to all top-performers, including those who exclusively apply directly to potential employers.

Testimonial from Monster Worldwide Switzerland AG

Dear Mr Daniel

In addition to a head-hunter, your company boasts the best advertisements on our online ad platform, which is also demonstrated by a conversion rate of 5.4 %. In other words, one in twenty of all visitors to their advertisements have followed up their visit with some kind of action, whether it is sending an application, clicking on an employer’s website etc. Most recruitment agencies (over 6400 in Switzerland) only achieve a level of around 2%, even though they place many more ads.

Moreover, employers constitute the exclusive focus of your ads with their company logos and addresses and not you as a HR consultant promoting yourself for PR reasons. In this way, you enable potential key players to apply directly to their future employers. Your clients benefit from top-quality applications. According to statistics collected by Monster, you are one of the leading Swiss HR consultants in terms of per capita mandates. This testifies to your expertise as a consultant, to your clients, who thus benefit from high-quality candidates, even for positions that are extremely hard to fill, as well as to Monster, who have been proud to have such excellent and long-running customer relationships since 1999.

Olivier Diserens, Managing Director, Monster Switzerland


Dear Mr Daniel

I would like to thank you for the professionalism you demonstrated in conducting the coaching sessions, even if it has not resulted in further collaboration. I am extremely impressed by your overall assessment of me as a person, even though we have never met. The detailed information that you provided has given me an enormous sense of security for my future career. I am very happy that we got to know each other in this way and would like to congratulate you on your unique expertise. Everything that you explained to me, which was transparent and understandable, precisely corresponds to me as an individual.
I very much hope that we will have the opportunity to meet again in a future recruitment process and wish you continued success.

Best wishes
Tobias Grünenwald

Dear Mr Daniel

Please accept my sincere compliments for you and your homepage. In my opinion, your online application process is unique thanks to your rapid response and your advice to complete my own application profile. Your answers were not bog standard but, instead, provided genuine additional information about the advertised position. As a candidate, this gives you a feeling of being taken seriously and being in good hands.
I look forward to introducing myself to you personally.

Have a great day and best wishes

Maja Balint

Hello Mr Daniel

Thank you very much once again for the fantastic and exceedingly thought-provoking assessment. It was a terrific experience – wow! In comparison to my previous assessment, you come across to people as courteous, kind and not at all patronising. The same could not be said for the assessor from the psychological test who, in an aloof, distanced and arrogant way, focused more on emphasising qualifications than on recognising my successful entrepreneurial achievements.
Many thanks once again.

Best regards
Michel Zanoni, Key Account Manager

Dear Mr Daniel

We had the opportunity to meet each other last year because I responded to a job advertisement from a company which had commissioned you to select a suitable employee.
I was astonished when you told me so much about myself as if you had been by my side throughout my life. The fact that I was not the right candidate for the job did not bother me at all. You gave me so much strength, courage and – in particular – the affirmation that I should believe in my own abilities. I made a conscious decision to start thinking about my immediate future. According to your brief analysis, I set up a company together with a good colleague. Until today, we have been very successful in every respect.

Thank you very much.

Respectfully yours
Gerald Leverkus


Crypto Human Resources

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